Friday, December 30, 2011

Right this Second

I'm sitting in one of my favorite chairs in the house, in flannel pajamas that came in a thoughtful Christmas package intended for Husband, stolen by me, and so big that they swallow me and the bump whole, drinking my favorite roast of starbucks coffee (decaf of course) that was on sale at the grocery store today, brewed in the french press I got for Christmas from my Daddy, with the delicious knowledge that this is day one in the second 4-day weekend in a row, while Husband is within arms reaching watching what promises to be one of many, many football games to be watched today and Baby Boy it poking what used to be my belly button. And I'm drinking in the overwhelming feeling of comfort.

Yeah, my to-do list is pretty long, yep my nose is stuffy, yes I'm starring at a fully dressed Christmas tree that needs to retire today, yeah I need to get up like right now and put supper in the crokpot if we plan on eating it before bedtime, but right this second, everything is right with the world. And I am so very, very comfortable.

Happy New Years Friends!

P.S. I'm so freakin' excited about a fresh new year. I'll have to check back in soon with some of the ways I plan on filling it up :)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"Who has given me anything that I need to give back..."
Job 41:11a

Occasionally, I have this tendency. Maybe (hopefully, cause I'd hate to be the only one) you do too. It's called, getting the idea in my head that God owes me something. As if attempting (and that's putting it politely) to be "good" and live in His will somehow entitles me to things. Things that I get all uppity about when I don't get them. Like when life's just the teensy-est bit hard or when things aren't perfect and I launch straight into "Are you kidding me?!? C'mon!"

Please don't stop reading because I sound like a horrible person right now. It's just my flesh, I know better, I promise.

And it's not always. It's just the sort of thing that creeps in before you realize it's there in the first place.

Anyway, I was reading through Job, and if you can make it through Job's whining and his friends' preaching, it starts getting pretty freakin' awesome. Because God shows up and lets loose. And the verse from above hit my poor little human heart, and I might have audibly gasped a little at it's implications.

Because do you realize how preposterous it is to even begin to feel entitled when it comes to God? Like He owes me something? When it's actually the other way around and I owe Him absolutely everything, except that nothing I have to give even comes close to being anything He's worth? Yeah. Let that sink in for a second.

But that's not even the best part.

The best part is that He gives me a bunch of the stuff I feel "entitled" to all the time, even though He's completely aware that I'm being such a big misguided baby about it. And, and, He doesn't give me what I actually deserve, which (in case you were wondering) is a kick in the pants followed by an eternity without Him. That, my friends, is mercy.

Case in point:

My camera's been missing. And I know it's "just a camera" and there are actual tragedies occurring at this very moment, but I've basically been a basket case about it, because it's not the sort of thing you just "lose" and it's certainly not the kind of thing you just replace on a moment's notice, and I couldn't even begin to think of where else to look, and the holidays are coming up, and I'm going to have Baby, etc, etc, etc

So after a an emotional conversation about all the above, this is what followed...

Me: (To God) I know You don't owe me anything, and it's just a camera, and You've obviously got bigger things to do, but I'm feeling absolutely defeated about this, and -

Husband: Are you sure you checked under the cushions of the chair?

Me: (To Husband, as I begin digging in the chair for the millionth time) Yes, I took all the cushions off, and dug all around, and - wait - there's a divot under here!

And out came the camera I hadn't even finished praying about finding.

That's just showing off.

And some of you may be thinking "It's just a camera" and yeah, maybe it is just a camera, and not finding it wouldn't have been the end of the world. I'd still be happy and healthy and pregnant and blessed, BUT that's why, for this little pregnant lady in that moment of (albeit superficial) desperation, it is mercy.

Over the top, undeserved, mercy.

Is God awesome, or what?

If you're unsure, check out the book of Job, starting around chapter 38 :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coffee and a Confession

Hey strangers! It's me. I know you may not remember me because, as I so often tend to do, I completely abandoned this poor little blog for awhile.

If we were really having coffee this morning, I would start by letting you share your heart because, when it gets to be my turn, I have a little confession to make. I would use the golden opportunity of some girl time to talk to you about my little blog here. I could give you a bunch of excuses as to why I haven't been around - especially in one of my favorite seasons to blog. I could say that it's because I'm growing a person and I simply don't have time for such things (untrue - not the person growing part, the other part -it's really not that time-consuming). I could say I just haven't had anything to say (also untrue, I have been cooking up a storm, and I freakin' love Fall!). I could say I just haven't felt like it (again, also untrue, I've been missing you guys).

No, the real reason I haven't been around is....I lost my camera. Yep. Because you can't write one of those "cool" blogs that people want to read unless you post "cool" photos with every post. I mean come on, everybody knows that. Hip blogger 101. Pretty silly, huh? But that's actually what's been swarming around in my mind. (Okay, this is the part where I play my pregnancy card to excuse myself for not firing on cylinders both mentally and emotionally, did it work?) So I guess you could more accurately say that I haven't been blogging because I've lost my focus.

About a kajillion of the bloggers I admire most attended Blog Sugar a few months back (of which, I am insanely jealous because, let's face it, I live on the other side of the country so that was totally not happening). A bunch of them came back and started blogging about purpose. How we all begin our blogs with one, whether we realize it or not, and how it can evolve over time, and how easy it is to lose sight of it. As embarrassing as it is to admit that I'm one of those people, somewhere along the way of collecting comments and counting followers, and throwing myself into every linky party I could find, and reading pots on "how to get your blog noticed," I couldn't even remember why I started blogging in the first place. Because, let's face it, I don't think any of us start our blogs with those things in mind. Heck, we're not even sure what most of those things are when we sign up for our very own blogger account. But we learn, and oh boy do we learn quick. (The English major in me wants to correct that to "quickly" but it doesn't pack quite as much punch. Just wanted you to know that I know it's not exactly correct)

And so, here I am. Photo-less and transparent. Because I really want to come back. I want to blog again. Do you know why I started this blog? Because I remember now. I started this blog because I wanted to be a better person. A better Wife, a better housekeeper, a better cook. A better enjoyer-of the little things in life. A person who lived in daily gratitude for my sweet house and my sweet husband, and for baking sweet things. And I wanted to help other people be those things too. I wanted to create a place where we could share that journey together, whether any of us succeeded in being June Cleaver or not. And if God wanted to occasionally use those things, all the better.

So here we go again, if you'd like to join me, I would love to have you! Because life is too short to do it alone and to do it without enjoying it. Where's the fun in that?

Hello little blog, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life...

P.S. Just to be clear, I'm not beginning to say that pictures, linky parties, etc are wrong - AT ALL! I'm merely speaking about MY intent. And I totally plan on utilizing soon as I find that darned camera........I knew you'd understand :)


Sunday, October 2, 2011

My pumpkin stand trip last year

Happy Sunday Friends! Have you been enjoying the season so far? I have! But I'll let you in on a little secret: the only yearly thing I love more than Fall, is...Christmas!

Did she just say the "C" word in October?

Yes, she did, but she's making a point.

I've been jonesing, pretty badly, for "the most wonderful time of the year," but my parents raised me with a healthy respect for all seasons and I DO NOT indulge my Elfish tendancies until the turkey has been carved, Miracle of 34th Street has been shown, and Santa wraps up the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. I know, my self-control is awe-inspiring. That, coupled with my recent realization of how fast time goes (a Baby in your tummy will do that) I've decided that, instead of wishing my second favorite season away, I'm going to throw myself headlong into all the festivities this lovely time of year has to offer. The way I see it, there are 53 days left to get it done.

Sound like a plan?

That being said, I give you...

To do this Fall:

( ) Visit my favorite pumpkin stand

( ) Make caramel apples

( ) Use all the junk I already have to make bunches of fabulous decorations

( ) Find new comfort food recipes for cozy suppers

( ) Use all the old candle wax I've saved up to make my very own candles

( ) Make cinnamon rolls from scratch

( ) Have Trick or Treaters

( ) Come up with awesome preggo halloween costume

( ) Bake apple crisp

( ) Go to a home game in Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!)

( ) Make something for at least one of the many meals we will attend on Thanksgiving

( ) And finally, participate in this fabulous par-tay...


So, that's the plan of action.
What do you think?
What are some of the fabulous Fall things on your list?
There's always room for more on mine :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Fall!

Hello Friends! It's Saturday, and better yet, the first Saturday of Fall.
How did you celebrate yesterday?

I tried to soak it in. Alabama cooperated and gave us a bright cool day in honor of the occasion. I spent a lot of it grocery shopping, which may sound a little sad, but I get a secret kick out of it. I ran all over town in search of the best deals. Did you know that Target gives you a discount for bringing your own bags?!? Okay, so it's only five cents per bag, but this girl will take what she can get. As if I needed another reason to be in love with Target.

I took a beautiful lunch break - broccoli cheese soup, what else - to keep my strength up and go over my grocery list. (See picture above for deliciousness)

Then it was home for some hot cocoa, coffee, and girl talk with my sissies. Followed by cleaning like gang busters until Husband got home. We spent the rest of the evening at a local high school football game, armed with my chunkiest sweater and more hot chocolate.

*Insert cool picture of my bundled up legs, carafe, and football field that I meant to take, but forgot, cause that's what I do these days*

It just seemed like the perfect way to wrap up the first day of Fall.
Hope yours was equally delightful.
Stay tuned for my list of how I plan to absorb everything the season has to offer.
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Good morning friends, I'm so glad you're here! Time for coffee. Actually, this is my first coffee in awhile. Apparently Baby is more the Hot Cocoa type. Anyway, if you were here for coffee today I would ask if you mind if we watch Julie and Julia while I fold my laundry, since I can't ever seem to be able to decide what to wach when I end up with spare time and I just end up in a revolving door of about three or four movies so I don't have to make any decisions (other titles include: Sense and Sensibility, Meet Me in St. Louis, Run Fatboy Run, and, more recently, Tangled)

We would probably discuss the weather, since I'm super excited about the coming of Fall. I got up super early this morning with Husband and it was still nice and dark as I ate a candlelit breakfast after he left for work. It started raining profusely, looked like it would never stop and, just like that, the sun came out. Crazy September. I'm still secretly keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be nice and crisp today. And you would probably agree with my because Fall is the best. I've been doing my very best to pace myself too. I think you would be proud of me. I haven't stopped at the pumpkin stand once! I haven't gotten any of my decorations out, I haven't even cracked open my October issue of Country Living. I have a will of steel.

At this point I would probably excuse myself to use the ladies room for the fourth time or so. I love being pregnant though. Okay, so maybe I had a phase of over-thinking everything, and reading too far ahead in my books, freaking out a little that there is no way I can adhere to the suggested pregnancy diet, feeling like I need to be doing something. My intentions were good, I was just excited and wanted to do everything right. Luckily, it was brought to my attention by someone who loves me very much, which caused me to do some thinking and take a serious prenatal chill pill. I'm not making any promises that I will now be one of those perfect pregnant women that glow, and look cute and put together, and laugh in the face of prenatal to-do lists, however, I am going to rest in God and enjoy this process........and maybe wait a few more months before I start worrying about whether or not to use disposable diapers. Just sayin'.

I would probably take this opportunity to brag on Husband a little. Cause let's face it, nobody makes me happier that man. I mean, come on, he's a keeper. It's okay to be jealous.

And what about you, friend? What have you been up to? And, after you answered that, it would be over. So sad. But laundry's calling, and I've got dinner to prep. What's on your to do list today?

I'm so glad you stopped by for coffee, have a fabulous Tuesday Friends!


Monday, September 19, 2011


Nothing like homemade roadies and (winning) college football watching for a Saturday.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Love

One of the most precious bloggers I know recently awarded me this...

You should definitely go see Breeann like, right this second!

The rules for this award are:

1. List 7 random facts about myself
2. Link back to the sweetheart who gave me the award
3. Pass it on to 8 other sweethearts


1. Fall is my favorite season (after Christmas, duh!). Something about the cool weather, and the soup eating, and the pumpkins, and the baking, and the sweaters. I don't know, just seems mighty festive, no?

2. Before I got married, I had never sat through an entire televised sporting event, and only a handful of live ones. Then I married a man who wakes up to ESPN, plays fantasy sports, and is a faithful southern college football fan. I really just participated in the beginning to humor him....but the truth kinda grew on me...a little....okay, a lot.

3. I used to hate ketchup. Everything about it. Now that I'm pregnant, I could eat Idaho out of french fries, just so I could eat them with ketchup. Only with french fries though.

4. My only pregnancy food aversion is fried fish ala Captain D's or Long John Silver. Weird too, cause I used to LOVE it. But now, just typing this is making me feel icky...

5. I recently got a library card for the first time in almost three years. I might be a little bit of a fine collector....keeping track of things is not really my forte. However, it's a new day and I'm attempting to rack up some responsibility. In fact, I need to return some today.

6. Between my childhood and High School years I wanted to be a teacher, lawyer, baker, actor, novelist, singer, journalist, store owner, wedding planner, personal assistant, psychologist, and Homeschool Mom. So far only the Mommy part is sticking.

7. I got my wisdom teeth out almost a year ago, at 22-years-old. Despite my "David after the dentist" expectations, I didn't say anything funny when I came too. I cried - uncontrollably. Apparently it's a common side effect for women

And now my lucky ladies...

1. Melinda at Fine as Frog Hairs
2. Ariel at Void Between the Stars
3. The Frat Pack + Me

4. Heather at Life Made Lovely
5. Alyss at Roots
6. Mandy at Mandipidy
7. Heather at Finding Beauty in Ordinary

Have a great Thursday Friends!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


So, I had what I would consider my first real pregnancy-fueled, emotional, mood swing today (okay, except for the fact that I may, or may not, have cried watching "Tangled" yesterday).

It wasn't over anything major, of course. Just an ecstatic morning, moderate noon, and an afternoon of being tempted to tears. And then something kind of amazing happened. God showed up. He reminded me that, pregnant or not, I am not a slave to my emotions. He reminded me that there was a roast waiting for me in the crockpot at home. That work is not forever. That those little twinges in my tummy is the precious Baby I've been waiting on. That Fall is coming, and it's pretty gorgeous. That Husband's red truck would be waiting in the driveway when I got home, and his arms would be waiting inside. And mostly, that He loves me, and His strength is perfected in my weakness.

And I realized, maybe "bad days" aren't really worth the energy....

p.s. Figured out what happened to my sidebars. From now on, if you're looking for followers, labels, etc you can find them at the bottom :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Um, not sure exactly what I did to merit such a response..but...Blogger ate my sidebars! Does anyone more versed in Blogger know what the issue might be, and how I can fix it? Thanks Friends!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes....

A bun in the oven!

*Insert picture of me (which sadly does not exsist) and my newly developed and completely adorable baby bump*

I was waiting for a cute picture before I posted, but heck, I can't find my camera and a girl can only wait so long.

After a wonderful marriage of almost three years with the man of my dreams, our little family is finally expanding. We are due in March, which means we're just peeking our heads into the second trimester, which is especially exciting since our first trimester was a little bumpy. And of course while I'm typing this I can hardly believe that this is really happening - God is so good! There has been so much baby buzz going around, most exciting some heartbreaking, that it makes me feel especially grateful, humbled, and a little amazed that God would see fit to bestow such a blessing on us. I cannot wait to see where this little journey leads!

I know I've been absent awhile. I was going to blame it on the baby thing, since it was a pretty huge secret and I'm pretty terrible at keeping my own secrets, but let's be honest, I've been away a bit longer than that. And I've missed you. I don't really have an excuse. Maybe it was because (and this may shock some of you) Summer doesn't really inspire me that much (see, told you). I'm really more of a cold weather girl. In the summer, I basically just sit around and melt....and read other people's blogs. But now that it's September, and the Alabama weather has condescended to lower itself to about 60-degrees, and I'm sitting here in my scarf, and it's almost time to make apple crsip, I can make a fresh start. Plus, I now have a new and never-ending pool of inspiration growing inside me.

What do you think?

What fresh things are you beginning with this change of the seasons?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Periods of Peace

Why do bad things happen?

That's the million dollar question isn't it? That's what everyone wants to know. Why does God let bad things happen? And to "good" people no less! I've been there.

Funny thing is, we never seem to look around and ask why good things happen. When things are going well, do I take the time to seek God's purpose?

2 Chronicles talks about the life of Asa, one of the only (mostly) good kings of Judah. His reign was fraught with war and turmoil, but then in 2 Chronicles 14:5-6 it says,

"...So Asa's kingdom enjoyed a period of peace. During those peaceful years, he was able to build up the fortified towns throughout Judah. No one tried to make war against him at this time, for the Lord was giving him rest from his enemies."

King Asa was given a "period of peace" by God and instead of sitting on his hands, or reveling in his free time, he got to work preparing for the future. He fortified and built up when he didn't need it, so that he would be prepared when he did. God knew what future struggle Asa would face, and He knew that he would need time to prepare, to build up his defenses.

God has blessed me with some amazing seasons of life. I am so incredibly blessed! But the second I'm faced with a "rough patch," when my emotions get the best of me, when the enemy attacks, it is so incredibly easy to just start floundering around like it's the end of the world. You know why? Because my defenses are weak. In the periods of peace that my God has blessed me with, I waste time. Instead of resting in Him, stocking up on scripture, and seeking the Spirit to fill me, I sit on my hands. Not to say that life is all work, that God doesn't want me to enjoy what He's given, that I have the power in myself to make life go the way I want. Nope, nope, and super nope. No, it's just that God wants more for me than a good time. More than ease. It's better than that. God wants me to live a life of purpose, a life worthy of His call. A life of peace that's not dependant on my circumstances. And that is only found by letting Him fill me - in good times and bad. God has known everything about me since before the world began. He knows what I need and when I'll need it. What an amazing God!

Wherever we are today, on the battlefield or in green pastures, I hope we take a minute to look around and ask God, "What do you want from me while I'm here?"

Have a fabulous day friends!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Now, Dahhling

"I never look back darling, it distracts from the now"

Funny how easy it is to get dsitracted from the now, huh? Personally, my now is pretty amazing, but it's hard to realize that when I'm busy running to and fro. So, why not have a blog feature dedicated to soaking in "the now," no? So, now......

South Pacific. Popcorn.

"I'm as corny as Kansas in Augsut, I'm as normal as blueberry pie!"

Iced chai sweet tea. Fan blowing.

Off work early. Coupon madness. Husband almost home.

Mentally preparing myself to run the dickens out of the treadmill at the gym.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick Hello

Hello friends!

I know, I've been pretty absent this month, and honestly don't have that much time to hang out now, but I just wanted to drop in and let you know I'm still alive and well.

Very well.

Husband and I have kicked off our long weekend right, and it's been lovely.

For now, I'm enjoying some "Moose Tracks."

I originally bought it as a pick-me-up for Husband...until I realized that he's a man, and therefore basically immune to edible pick-me-ups, haha.

Ice cream for moral support's more my domain.

Oh well, any excuse for ice cream, no?

How are you?

Have a delicious holiday weekned, and I should be seeing you for coffee on Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Coffee Date

If we were really having coffee this morning, you'd probably want to roll up your sleeves...

Coffee, Josh Turner, and getting my clean on!

What are you up to today?


Recipe Swap!

Good morning! It's such a beautiful day here today! I hope your weather is fine too.

What are you planning for your Tuesday?

One thing I'm planning?

Recipe exchange!

One of my bloggy idols, Casey Wiegand, is hosting a Tuesday recipe swap and I'm joining in!

Even though it's about a million degrees outside, I just haaave to post this cozy recipe. I waited my entire life to cook homey meals for my husband, and then started running out of ideas pretty quickly. After one epic chicken 'n' dumplings fail, I got my girlfriend to give me her recipe, and it rocks! In fact, it tastes just like my sweet, late, Granny's recipe. Obviously, I can't be greedy with gold like this, so here you go!

"Granny's" Chicken 'n' Dumplings...


  • 1 4-5 lb. chicken (this recipe is for two, plus leftovers, but you could easily make it for more)

  • 2 cups flour

  • 2 1/4 Tablespoons shortening

  • 1 cup ice water

  • 1 Tablespoon butter

  • 1/4 cup milk

  1. Wash the chicken and boil over medium-high heat in 5-7 cups of water, and simmer for one hour.

  2. Take out the chicken and shred (caution: that chicken will be boiling hot! If you want, the recipe can be followed up until this point and refrigerated for up to a few days). Set aside.

  3. Knead together flour and shortening until doughy. Add ice water. Using two spoons, drop dumpling dough by rough tablespoons into boiling broth. Be sure to "mash" the dumplings often (after every five or so) so they don't get dense.

  4. Add chicken back to dumpling broth and add butter and milk, to make it creamy. Simmer for 15 minutes on low.

  5. Salt to taste and enjoy!

Good luck and happy cooking!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

A New Feature: I am Walker, hear me roar

Okay, so most of you who have been around for awhile know that I don't do very well with feature posts. As previously stated, finishing things is a bit of an issue for me, and anything that requires consistency can easily be discarded. But I'm going to try again. Walker informed me today that if I'm going to spend so much time sitting in "his" chair and blogging that he deserves the right to express himself. Fair enough....

Dear Friends,

I am Walker, it's nice to meet you. I know Mom has mentioned me a couple times, but it's only fair that I get a chance to defend myself against any impressions you may have gotten of how things roll around here.

For starters, I've been here a lot longer than Mom. I used to give her a hard time about that, but it's actually really nice having her around. She might be my favorite. Just don't tell her I said so. I wouldn't want Dad to think I was a momma's boy....which I am. He reminds me pretty often that I'm no longer a "Man Kitty" as it is, and it's kind of embarrassing. We're buddies though. I try to impress him by defending them against twisty ties and flying bugs. No really, the twisty tie threat level in this house is a secure green thanks to me. They should be grateful.

But to be honest, I sleep about 18 hours a day and the rest of the time is divided between lounging on the windowsill, eating, being pet my Mom, watching sports with Dad, batting at birds and bugs through the window, and getting into things I'm "not supposed to." I don't really understand what this phrase means, but I think it has something to do with the kitchen counters, dining room table, outside, and the guest room. In my defense, the "guest room" doesn't seem all that special. Mom goes through phases where she spends blocks of time in there, but I don't really see any difference. She shut me in there today. I'm certain it was an accident. I tried to play it cool...until it had been about fifteen minutes and I got a little worried that she might need me for something. I only cried a little. I just wanted to remind her where I was. I was just trying to protect her. There could have been a twisty tie invasion, and she would have been defenseless.

Well Friends, I need to get going. Big agenda to keep and all. Thank you again for the opportunity of chatting with you. See you soon.



Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who Me?

Guess what, guess what, guess what?

My one of my sweet bloggy idols actually gave me an award!

Thank you April, that was so sweet!

Here are the rules:
1.} Thank and link back to the blog that gave you your award
2.} Share seven things about yourself
3.} Award 5 great bloggers
4.} Contact the bloggers to let them know you've given them an award

Here are my 7 things about myself:

1. I am a terrific self-starter....just not quite as good at self-finishing. No one really talks about that part. I love new beginnings, organizing, and such. I just find myself organizing and cleaning and decorating the same spaces over and over (coughguestroomcough) because I can never seem to get over a certain point. They say self-awareness is half the battle, though, so I'm on my way!

2. I was raised right outside of Seattle, Washington so coffee is more like a ritual than a beverage to me. I used to be kind of a snob about it, but I've reformed. Okay, some people would say I've learned to settle, haha. But hey, sometimes, you just need a decent cup of coffee.

3. While we're on the subject, my parents owned a coffee shop for a short season, and ever since I've had the itch to own my own business. A store, or bakery, or cafe, or something. I don't really like working, though, so I would probably change my mind. And let's be honest, it's mostly when I see pretty office supplies or custom business cards, haha.

4. I love to read, but I don't do very much of it. Here's why: I just graduated with an English degree and it's hard for me to justify reading good, interesting, slightly fluffy modern novels (read: what I really want to read) when there are so many classics I haven't read yet. I've yet to find that balance between the two, so I usually end up reading nothing. Sad, right? I think the simplest thing to do is just to alternate the two. Don't you agree?

5. Right now I work outside of home, because I can, but what I really dream of is being an "at home" mom. That's what my Momma did, and it's what I've always wanted to do. My Momma also homeschooled us, and I think I'd like to homeschool as well, but Bama Man and I have decided to Cross that bridge when we come to it.

6. I play the piano. I am one of those kids who were encouraged, told, commanded to practice....and didn't really. So all my years of lessons have landed me with just enough knowledge to haltingly play...and teach a 7-year-old to play better than I can (which I do). So let this be a lesson to all children currently in lessons - practice! You'll thank me later.

7. I used to be one of those girls who loved big houses with foyers, and "entertaining space," and stair cases, etc. Even though I'm not sure I'm cut out to be the first lady, the idea of living in the White House used to make me swoon. Not so anymore. Maybe it was discovering Antrhopologie. Or maybe I'm going back to my roots of being an almost-city girl. Whatever the cause, I am just in love with the loft apartment, reasonably-sized house type space crammed with the organized clutter of coziness. You know what I mean? No mansion for this girl, thank you very much.

So there you have it! The lovely bloggers upon whom I am bestowing this award are...

1. Ariel @ voidbetweenthestars

2. Melinda @ fineasfroghair

3. fratpack+me

4. Casey @ TheWiegands

5. Emily @ Blueberry'sblog

April, thanks again! And thanks to anyone who reads this blog, leaves comments, etc. I don't say it enough, but it means a lot to me! Go see these lovely ladies, I Adore them! And have a wonderful Wednesday - two more days until the weekend!

Coffe Date

Good morning Friends! If we were really having coffee today...

I wouldn't really know where to begin.

Yes I would, I would begin my mentioning how amazingly grateful I am for this coffee this morning.

For those of you who don't know, last Wednesday, April 27th, Alabama (Where Bama Man and I live, in case that's never been clear) was hit with the greatest natural tragedy the state has seen this side of modern technology. The tornadoes left hundreds dead, thousands displaced, and over a million without power. It was considered a State and Federal Disaster and we began picking up the pieces.

Bama Man and I have been without electricity for the last five days, which is why I've been absent, but we, and everyone we know and love made it through unscathed (both sets of our parents never even lost power) and praising God that He allowed this trial to pass over us!

It has been such a privilege to join with our church and the EMA to help those who have lost so much more than utilities! The church (the body, not the buildings) of Alabama has kicked into high gear, and done everything possible to give comfort and aid to the many hurting in our community.

I'm thanking God that He has allowed my senses to be heightened. How important my friends and family are, how spoiled I've become having Bama Man home with me for the last week, how much I love my house, how nice it is to have a safe cat taking up my space in this chair, how blessed I am to have a husband who has given us enough financial security to make it through crisis, how much I am going to enjoy vacuuming now that our power has returned. How much He loves us! Not because He shielded us from this tragedy, but because He would have been with us either way.

What are you grateful for this morning? :)

If you would like to help those in need here in Alabama, please go to to find out how to donate. Thank you so much!

On a lighter note, Bama Man and I have learned to love our "Amish Experience."

My activities this week have included, but are not limited to:

Dinners over candlelight, one game of Rummy, reading through a book and a half, organizing our bookshelf so that all of our books fit, laying contact paper in (most of) the kitchen cabinets, cleaning and organizing the study, also...

Walker made a froggy friend (see him hanging on the screen?)....who he then tried very hard to kill and could not, with the window and all. Nice try Walker.

About a hundred games of solitaire, the old-fashioned way, of which I won a few...

And possible the piece de resistance,

Grilling cinnamon rolls!

Ingenuitive, no?

It worked too!
Sure there was a little scorching, and a touch of charbroiled flavor, but they were still delicious!

Bama Man, thank you for being adventurous, and not looking at me like I was crazy when I suggested this...and also, for pulling it off! You're the best :)

What would you have to share today, friends?

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coffee Date

Good Morning Friends!

I could say, good, rainy, yucky, slightly blustery morning

but let's focus on the positive, shall we?

If we were really meeting here for coffee today

you would have found out that I have an addiction.

To coffee mugs.

It's true.

I have dozens of them!

Bama Man and I have agreed it's okay.

And one reason it's okay is because

almost all of them have some sort of sentimental significance.

So I figured, since you will probably see me with

a different mug each week,

you might as well know why :)

This one, for example is from our trip to Disneyland.

Bama Man and I made the trek to California

last year for the National Champoinship Game.

The game was great, we won, that was exciting.

The true prize for me?

My sweet husband took me to Disney!

We may not have covered this before in our relationship,

but I'm a little bit of a sentimental sucker

when it comes to Disney.

I grew up with bi-yearly trips to Disneyworld,

idolized the princesses,

and generally fed my hopeless romantic streak

with the "magic" of the "Happiest Place on Earth."

But something was missing.

I hadn't been there with my "Prince" yet.

Until last year!

We chose California Adventure

since it was a new experience for both of us.

And it was fabulous!

So obviously, it was worth celebrating with a mug.

Inside it has this quote from Walt,

"To all that come to this happy place;welcome."

Love it!

So, what are you up to today?

I've alotted out my morning off with

a reasonable balance of housework and frivilous activity.

I gave up daytime television (including movies)

for Lent, and I thought long and hard

about how to indulge this morning.

After browsing our DVDs, cable, and Netflix

I just ended up with

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"


I know, it's not super exciting.

If you missed how I feel about this movie,

you can check it out here.

Did you enjoy breaking your Lent fast (if you had one)?

How did you do it?

My clothing project

has been particularly un-fun recently.

But I got to wear my favorite dress

in the whole world on Easter Sunday,

so I felt a little better.

The truth is, I've been finding quite

a few treasures hidden away in my own closet.

I've been meaning to show you a few of them.

Maybe I'll get a

"what I wore Wednesday"

out tomorrow.

Well, it's on to maintaining my wonderful house.

Enjoy your Tuesday Friends!

Guess what?

Good news:

The caffine in your cup of coffee this morning

has raised your resting metablic rate

by about 15%

which means you can burn

up to an extra 50 calories today.

So drink up!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today is Thursday...

I'm just reminding myself since it seems
I've been misplacing myself in my week.
Does that ever happen to you? It does to me.
A lot.

For one thing, I've been pretty busy. Not with anything unusual,
just the normal stuff.
Making sure our house is pleasant place to come home to,
keeping the cat alive,
attempting to sculpt some muscle out of this wimpy body via the gym,
bringing home a paycheck.
Just that stuff.

And then there's the fact I've been sublimely happy.
I know it sounds crazy.
I kind of feel like I shouldn't even say (type) that out loud.
There's certainly a combination of factors going on here,
but I'll let you in on a good secret for starting out.

Ask God for stuff.

No, not like the vending machine,
"Can I have a million dollars?" sort of thing.
Stuff you know He already wants you to have...

An overwhelming sense of His presence.
The strength to do what I cannot do by yourself.
The ability to love well.
The assurance that my worth is secure in Him.
The wisdom to conciously make the right choices.
(especially when I don't feel like it)
The power to pray.

Before we go getting any ideas that I've actually figured any of this out, let's nip it in the bud and say: yeah right.
I've messed up a lot this week (
But I can feel it beginning.
He is gently showing me how I could be, what life could be like,
as I allow Him to cultivate these things in me.
He is so faithful

And I realize I'm not always going to be on the "gentle-mercy lesson plan."
Sometimes His lessons are the tough love sort.
Sometimes things don't "work out."
Okay, let's face it, sometimes our fallen world sucks.
I'm not saying any of that is any less true.
He is quite possibly preparing me for battle.
But He's allowing me to learn in "green pastures" right now,
where blessings are obvious and I know I can feel Him.

And I am loving every minute!

On a lesser note....

Last night I had my first experience with the show, "Extreme Couponing."
Poor Bama Man had to sit there while I
boomeranged from excited to envious to disgusted
and back.

As a "couponer" who tries pretty hard and has some luck
(but no real skill or consistancy -
you know how I am about finishing things)
Part of me wishes I had the time or energy
to be as devoted, and reap the benefits,
that those people do.
Cause let's face it, I am definetely still in the
"You saved $15.60 with us today,
and still spent a ridiculous amount of money" phase.

But then I saw some of the crap that these people are buying
Who really need 100 packages of Airheads candy?
Short of someone opening a candy stand at summer camp.

I'm just sayin'

So, here is my verdict:
Working really hard to provide food for your family at the right price
Purchasing 150 bags of cat treats because they were on sale
and you had the coupon
but you don't own a cat.
And you still keep them in your stockroom
instead of donating them to a shelter or something.
A little sick.

I think I've made my case.
Even if I'm going to be a complete hypocrite and
watch the show every chance I get.
Just being real.

I hope y'all are having a fabulous Thursday!
The weekend is just two days away.

And not just any weekend, on of the best:

Hasta pronto...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Snipets

Happy Saturday!

Bama Man and I joined the gym this week.
As the wife of very dedicated man, it should go without
saying that we have been there everyday since
signing up (which I love),
and I think it's finally catching up with me.

That, coupled with a morning of service projects
(with basically the coolest church peeps around),
yard work, and washing the car,
has left this girl pooped.

But proud of her hard work.

Now Bama Man is watching the Masters, leaving
me plenty of time to catch up on my blog reading
and recipe/coupon searching.

There are exactly two things I enjoy about the Masters:

1. Watching Tiger mess up (is that a little bitter?)

2. Hearing Mister say "Called it" when shots
go the way he predicted (which is pretty often)

Other than that it's a bit of yawn.

After living here in Alabama for almost seven years
I shouldn't be at all suprised that Spring
completely passed us by again
and just gave up and surrendered to summer.
Honestly though, I'm not complaining.
It's MUCH better than Winter.
Plus, I vowed to myself
(and now to you which means there's no way out)
that I would be a good sport about the heat this year.
I do not do heat.
I am a Seattle Native.
But, this year, I will be a good sport.

Big news around these parts:
Walker (the cat) actually wounded his very first living thing!
Actually, make that "attacked something not a twisty tie"
for the very first time.
It's just a fly, but it's a big deal.
"Daddy" is very proud.

Made some yummy chicken tacos for lunch.
Getting a little bored with all my recipes.
I remember when Mister and I were engaged
he told me all I really needed to know
was five ways to make a chicken casserole.
It sounded like a good plan to me at the time.
But I think, after two years of marriage
we've both changed our minds.
Don't get me wrong, I've certainly branched out,
but I'm sill in a rut.
Any suggestions?

Well, that's about all I've got.
How are you spending your Saturday?

Hope it's fab!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Life Made Lovely Monday

One of my favorite places in my whole house!
Thanks, Bama Man, for letting me make our kitchen my own
special - lovely - place.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Morning April!

Honestly, I expected a little more out of you.

What does it take for a girl to get a little sunshine around here?

Is that too much to ask?

If Spring doesn't come soon then it will be too late

it will be summer

And you know how this chick feels about Alabama summers.

I promised myself that I would be a good sport this year,

but you could a least reward my intentions with some moderate heat!

I'm thinking 75 degrees and sunny oughta do it.

Good, now that we understand each other,

I will look forward to the weekend with hope.

But really, I'm just glad you're here

You know March, she was dragging on there.

P.S. My almost-baby (read:middle) Sister is coming home today!

For those of you lucky enough to know this girl

you understand how freakin' awesome that is!

I will try not best not to think about the fact it is only for a visit

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roller Coaster

Today has been a little insane.

First of all, I didn't link up to virtual coffee today
because I was busy having a real-life coffee date with my sweet
"pick up where we left off last time" girlfriend
who just became a Mommy.
(and also incidentally, actually thinks I keep my house clean)
(She is also reading this right now and knows I'm talking about her)
(Hello, sorry I talked about you in the third person)
It was wonderful!

Then I went to work, which was fine...
until I went to leave and realized I had locked
my key in the car for first time ever!
But then, my amazing Husband rescued me
but we had to gallup his Noble Steed home as quickly as possible because....

I was late for the piano lesson I teach!
I felt bad for making my 7-year-old student
and her parents wait on me (as they the driveway)
And then you know what happened?

They brought a fancy cupcake!
With the most impossibly high pile of pink frosting
I have ever seen!
And sprinkles!
And, as much I would love to show it to you,
this description and your imagination will have to do...
Because I....
might have eaten most of it already.

Which will also explain how scattered this post seems.
I am currently on a very serious sugar high.
The best kind.

Crazy, crazy crazy.
But I think girlfriends with babies,
bold rescues by Husbands,
and cupcakes
trump locking keys in your car.

Don't you agree?

Monday, March 28, 2011

For Love of a Book: Part One

I have always (okay, maybe not always) loved reading, and my
old love has made a recent resurgence.
I had a couple bumps along the reading road lately
(to be described in detail at a later time)
and then I stumbled upon this classic sitting
unassumingly on my bookcase and it has been like a safe haven in the
windy sea of literature. I know.
But I am in looooove.
And, okay, I haven't even finished it yet, though I will soon,
but I've seen enough BBC renditions of this baby
to know I will be like how it ends.
I almost can't wait to get to work so I can read a few more chapters
before my little charge wakes up.

It's Monday. But never fear,
there's only a few more days until next Saturday.
Happy weeks to all!

Have you made any booky friends lately?



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Few Tidbits

I feel like I've been pretty MIA lately.
I missed "Life Made Lovely Mondays" and "Virtual Coffee" on Tuesday.
And when I say "missed" I really mean missed.
I guess ever since I've been back to the bloggy world, I've been trying to make sure I don't end up in the hole that made me take a break in the first place -
putting my blog over things that (while usually less fun) are more important.
Read: cleaning the bathroom before work.
So, unfortunately, a heightened sense of priority has kept me away, but I'll be back in full force tomorrow. Prepare yourself for an announcement concerning my "10 To Do in 2011," how I really feel about "Moby Dick," and possibly some pictures. In the meantime, here are a few things...

1. Can I just take a moment to tell you how much I looooooove Fresh Market. Now, they didn't pay me to say that.....but I wish someone would. Then I could actually shop there...
I mean more than I currently do,
which is a few minutes every month or so to grab some specific item,
when I don't have enough time to peruse aisles and spend my entire paycheck.

2. This is one reason I didn't have time to blog yesterday....

It's my closet - organized and arranged according to color!

Yes, it did take me all morning, but it's basically changed my life. In the last 48 hours, if I have felt even the slightest unhappiness, all I have to do it walk in and take a quick glance, and every little trouble floats away. Yeah, I'm talking about a closet.....

3. Bama Man and I just finished "The Social Network." I really enjoyed it, but I have to might be the last straw that causes me to give up Facebook for real, instead of just saying I might when I get tired of it. I'm not sure I want to be a cog in the Mark Zuckerburg machine. I'm just saying.

Hope you all had a wonderful Wednesday, see you tomorrow!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Unconventional St. Patrick's Day

"When Irish eyes are smiling, they're up to something"

So here's the deal, I'm usually pretty over-the-top about St. Patrick's Day. I love it! And, hey, the only reason I'm alive is because my Great-Great-Grandfather came over on the boat from "Erin" and planted himself here in the States, so I have a wee bit of right. So, in my usual way I planned this day out to perfection to be filled with mint thin making and Riverdance watching (Yes, I own it). Instead, I ended up scrubbing the mess (punny, no?) out of my kitchen and baking banana bread. I's a little sad. OR it would be if this banana bread was not scrumptious! See?

When I have more time, I'll have to share! For now, I hope you're all having a wonderful time, and a wee bit '0' Irish fun.......

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coffe Date

That's Bama Man and me twirling back there, isn't he wonderful

Good morning! How are you? If we were having coffee today... I'd offer you some breakfast...but secretly wish you had brought some scones with you. I could really go for a scone right now.

I'd probably ask you if you noticed that I've been messing with my blog a lot lately. If you did, I would probably apologize, and thank you for sticking it out. I'm just nesting really. Growing up my Momma was constantly moving furniture around, perfecting her home. To this day when I walk in for an occasional visit, the living room is almost certain to be arranged differently than the last time. It's part of her charm. So, it should go without saying that I was a teenager and young adult who rearranged her bedroom quarterly or so, and that I have basically been genetically formatted to be in "nest perfection" mode....well, a lot. Turns out, when I married the man of my dreams and moved into a place of my own that, for the most part, everything is kind of situated the way it works and the way we like it, so it usually stays that way. So my nesting energy usually gets channeled into compulsive fits of straightening and dish washing. Turns out it also gets channeled into my blog layout. Don't be alarmed, I think I'm done....for a minute.

As with most social activities, I'd probably talk too much, so I'd tell you about the phase that I'm in right now. Not a phase, as in a fleeting thing, but as in transition to something permanent and workable, phase. Like a "phase 1" phase. It seems like these days "minimal living," and "simplifying" are all the rage. And the idea is certainly alluring. I bought in. I considered the idea of "downsizing." I purged my closet and packed up unneeded household items for the eventual yard sale I hope to have. But I looked around, and I didn't feel done. And after kicking the idea around with my Baby Sister I realized what I really need. I call it "utilizing." Yes, it's important to declutter and release ourselves from unneeded things, but isn't the idea also about eliminating waste? I whine about having "nothing to wear" but my closet it full. I complain about not having enough "entertaining space" while I have a husband who is a grill master and my (almost) gigantic back porch lays in disrepair. I browse the clearance section of Anthro for more and more dishes when my kitchen cabinets can barely hold the ones we have. Maybe what I really need is to take stock and start using the things and spaces I already have. Does that make any sense at all?

Then you would probably think "Soapbox much?" but you're polite so you would probably just nod and smile, drink your remaining coffee as quickly as possible, and head out. And that's okay, I understand. I have to get going anyway, those bathrooms aren't going to clean themselves :)

I am so glad you stopped by today! Same time next week?

Check in later this week for a post about the amazing vacuum cleaner my amazing husband bought me!

I'm linking up here today!


Monday, March 14, 2011

Ankles, You Are Lovely

Dear Ankles,

I have missed you so much! Thank you for gracing me with your presence today. I will look eagerly for your next coming...please make it soon.

Your devoted servant,


What have you done with the recent Spring weather (if you're lucky enough to have it)?

I'm linking up here today, go check it out!



Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coffee Date

Good morning! If we were having coffee today, the first thing I would do is introduce you to my Momma which would only be fair since I'm sitting enjoying the view from her bedroom windows. I would admit to you that staying here always makes me realize I'm a little more of an outdoor girl than I think. Not a hiking, fishing, muddy sort of outdoor girl. And not if the temperature is under about 60 or about about 80. But a leisurely stroll, coffee on the porch, sunshine-y outdoor girl. The kind of girl that makes my parent's 5-acre property kind of alluring. Waking up to sun streaming through multiple windows, looking out on trees and lawns is awfully cheery. Still, I don't think there's anything better than waking up at my house. I love my house. Even if I get spoiled a little by my Momma while I'm here...

Breakfast in Bed

But let's face it, Bama Man spoils me an awful lot, I think you were just party to a pretty major personal discovery...Let's move on...

I'd also probably let you in on the clothing fast I started. It's not like I'm racking up big totals at the mall or anything, but I pass Plato's Closet and its magnetic pull everyday on the way to work. And I'm a little done with all the "I want a new cardigan," or the "I want a new spring-y skirt," or the "I want a pair of dress pants that are actually flattering," thoughts that I've been having lately while my dresser and closet remain full. So I'm on a mission. And I'd probably whine about it a little bit. Okay, okay, so it's only been a couple days and fine, I haven't even had the opportunity to buy anything, but the idea itself is getting to me, okay! I will admit that it has already been providing me with new insight, though. On Sunday I coupled my favorite pencil skirt that I wear all the time with a top and sweater that I never wear. And it looked pretty good (if I do say so myself). And then you would congratulate me for being thrifty resourceful. Right?

Now that you let me have my whine, I'll put my big girl panties on and get over myself. To make myself feel even better, I think I'll probably be showing you some new outfits I find in my old wardrobe, as they come along. Anyone want to join me?

Well, this has been so much fun, wish I could stay a little longer, but this little thrifty girl has to go to work. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Linking up here today!


Friday, March 4, 2011

Embracing the Tedious

"If I am incapable of washing dishes joyfully, if I want to finish them quickly so I can go and have a cup of [coffee], then I will be incapable of drinking the [coffee] joyfully."
~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Gotta Let You Know..

There is a FABulous giveaway going on over at Casey's blog! It is a gift card for the Just.Lovely.Things Etsy shop. If you haven't seen the adorable-ness going on over there, you should certainly check it out!

Enjoy Friends, more blogging this weekend :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coffee Date

If we were having coffee this morning, I'd ask you what you like on your crepes. I'm getting my morning off right with some french press and Turner Classic Movies. Which is why I would also ask you if you've ever seen "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Now I'm not usually one for conflict in the movies, but there is something about this movie that makes me watch it everytime it comes on tv. I think it's a combination of factors; Paul Newman, Elizabeth Taylor, Burl Ives, the sensuous beauty of the south in old movies......but you know what I think it is most? The bedroom!

Look at it! Look at how lavish and airy and lovely it is...

Look at that bed...Yes please!

The curtains above the bed, the wicker, all the white....

And you know what, it's all fine in the end. Maybe that's why I like it, because it's real and it's still alright. Anyway, I suggest it if you feel like some drama, southern beauty, and classic Elizabeth.

P.S. Happy March! Spring is just around the corner......

P.P.S. I'm linking here today, stop on over!


Monday, February 28, 2011

Life Made Lovely

Hello Everyone! The weekend is over, but it's okay. Remember that great blog I mentioned a post or so ago, @blessedlittlenest? Well, she has a weekly segment called "Life Made Lovely Mondays" where she posts something lovely, and readers can join in. So, if Monday has already got you down, head on over and view some lovelies! In the mean time, here is my contribution....

The beautiful, pink, flowery House Plant that I have kept alive for almost a whole month! Aren't you proud? Don't forget to click the link below for more loveliness!

Happy Monday friends!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Burgers and DVR = Date Night Done Right

Okay, so maybe today was kind of long, but can I just take a moment to give you a few reasons why I'm so very happy right now?

  1. It's Friday, which means tomorrow is Saturday.
  2. My husband is grilling out for supper, and until you've had a burger marinated in Dales, grilled by Bama Man you are incapable of knowing how good it is to own a grill, sorry.
  3. Our DVR is full of good things that will probably have me laughing hysterically, plus "Smallville" which is entirely over-dramatic but sucked me in against my will.
  4. I recently vacuumed, which is my one OCD chore obsession. My poor stained carpet looks amazing.
  5. I just found a blog I looooooove! - check it out
  6. My Daddy stopped by for coffee this morning and we had a good laugh over a sarcastic column about the new zodiac change.

And oh so many things, but I think I've made my point. Hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying their Friday night. Gotta run and put some cheese on those babies..........

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I don't really have anything meaningful or fascinating to share with you tonight. I just thought I'd say hello so you wouldn't forget who I was. Made yummy chicken noodle (and cheese, obviously!) casserole for dinner, and now I'm craving something sweet. Yeah, I'm about five minutes away from raiding my pantry in case there's something I can scrape together into sweet deliciousness. I am not optimistic, but wish me luck.

Maybe chocolate chip muffins?

P.S. Totally enjoying the little preview of Spring here in northern alabama. 7o degrees.....heck yes! After all, the next time it will be this warm it will actually be more like 80-something, and I will begin my yearly melt. So, taking advantage of the moderate, sunny perfection...and trying to forget that more snow is just around the corner...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've been up to

Hello Friends!

Bama Man and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend (It's actually on Monday) so I spent a large portion of my Saturday morning recreating the cupcakes from our wedding. I know quite a few of you who read this blog were there two years ago when Bama Man and I tied the knot, but for those new bloggy friends who were not, there is something you need to know: Our wedding was home to the best chocolate cupcakes (with buttercream frosting, of course) the world has ever seen. It's true. And ever since the last, solitary leftover cupcake was eaten, I have missed them very much. Me, being overly emotional about cupcakes? Shocking, I know. Anyway, I have never been able to do anything about it previously, but my dear friend who baked them let me in on a few secrets, and guess what, I did it! Granted, they are not exactly the same, but they are so very, very close and I am satisfied. Which is evidenced by the fact we have managed to eat almost two dozen in 5 days. I would post a picture...but there isn't really much to see anymore...

Let's see, what else....

Well I managed to wash my brand new amazing white Christmas sweater with last year's red Christmas sweater, which resulted in a few pinks spots, but after soaking it in freezing cold water for 3 days, and trying very hard not to cry, they (almost) completely came out!

Also, I can't stop watching Gwenyth Paltrow's 'Glee' rendition of "Forget You" even though I stopped watching the show months ago. And I have been playing a reidiculous amount of computer solitaire, since Bama Man introduced me to the 'Vegas' option...and I might have a fake money gambling problem.

I know I said I would post my To Do in 2011 list, and I haven't forgotten. I've just been thinking about it. I had quite a few short term goals on it that I have already completed (not the least of which is making my linen closet look like the magazine pictures that make me shudder at my own inadequacy) so I'm trying to limit my updated list to slightly more long-term goals. Or, at least things that may take me more than an afternoon. Know what I mean? Unfortunately, you may recognize some of these from last year. I'll do better this time. So here they are..

  • Master the Pancake (I am quite good at homemade waffles, pancakes on the other hand, are my constant struggle)

  • Get Wedding Pictures and album developed (I know, it's awful I still haven't done)

  • Develop Honeymoon pictures

  • (Finally) Finish the Guest Room

  • Figure out a way to keep from falling asleep on the couch at eight or nine every night

  • Make curtains for our house

  • And something else I forgot, but will post when I remember

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello Dear World

Hello Friends,

It's possible you may have noticed my recent absence of (oh my goodness) a month or so. It's simple really. A little over a year ago, frustrated as a newlywed by the shocking lack of resources available to help an old fashioned girl like myself simplify and enjoy everyday living, I set out to remedy the situation myself. I started this blog, Vacuum in Pearls, and attempted to create a place to document my advances and encourage others as I become a better housekeeper and wife. It was a lovely experience. Until the day I looked around and found I was doing more blogging about than actual "becoming." Pardon my transparency, but it was time for a priorities check. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss it, but God gave me the grace to think about it a lot less often than I thought I would.

Anyway, I'm back! Probably not as often as I was previously, but still back. I've honestly embraced this year as a time to simplify, downsize, organize, and get back to basics. (Cliche right?) I'm thinking....fresh. Like my new blog layout (that's my stove back there by the way).

As I revamped my blog I took a good hard look at my "To Do in 2010" list and stuck my tongue out at the many things left undone this year (see why I needed a break). I'm bumping them to 2011. Stay tuned for a new and improved to-do list for the coming year. What are some of your expectations for this year?

I hope y'all had a wonderful Christmas season, and that 2011 is treating you well. I hope you'll stick around and celebrate this fresh year with me!

p.s. I just have to tell you that this weekend I became a virtual superwoman and cleaned out, organized, and labeled both my linen closet and pantry. Aren't you proud?