Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What I've been up to

Hello Friends!

Bama Man and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend (It's actually on Monday) so I spent a large portion of my Saturday morning recreating the cupcakes from our wedding. I know quite a few of you who read this blog were there two years ago when Bama Man and I tied the knot, but for those new bloggy friends who were not, there is something you need to know: Our wedding was home to the best chocolate cupcakes (with buttercream frosting, of course) the world has ever seen. It's true. And ever since the last, solitary leftover cupcake was eaten, I have missed them very much. Me, being overly emotional about cupcakes? Shocking, I know. Anyway, I have never been able to do anything about it previously, but my dear friend who baked them let me in on a few secrets, and guess what, I did it! Granted, they are not exactly the same, but they are so very, very close and I am satisfied. Which is evidenced by the fact we have managed to eat almost two dozen in 5 days. I would post a picture...but there isn't really much to see anymore...

Let's see, what else....

Well I managed to wash my brand new amazing white Christmas sweater with last year's red Christmas sweater, which resulted in a few pinks spots, but after soaking it in freezing cold water for 3 days, and trying very hard not to cry, they (almost) completely came out!

Also, I can't stop watching Gwenyth Paltrow's 'Glee' rendition of "Forget You" even though I stopped watching the show months ago. And I have been playing a reidiculous amount of computer solitaire, since Bama Man introduced me to the 'Vegas' option...and I might have a fake money gambling problem.

I know I said I would post my To Do in 2011 list, and I haven't forgotten. I've just been thinking about it. I had quite a few short term goals on it that I have already completed (not the least of which is making my linen closet look like the magazine pictures that make me shudder at my own inadequacy) so I'm trying to limit my updated list to slightly more long-term goals. Or, at least things that may take me more than an afternoon. Know what I mean? Unfortunately, you may recognize some of these from last year. I'll do better this time. So here they are..

  • Master the Pancake (I am quite good at homemade waffles, pancakes on the other hand, are my constant struggle)

  • Get Wedding Pictures and album developed (I know, it's awful I still haven't done)

  • Develop Honeymoon pictures

  • (Finally) Finish the Guest Room

  • Figure out a way to keep from falling asleep on the couch at eight or nine every night

  • Make curtains for our house

  • And something else I forgot, but will post when I remember


  1. We have been way behind on our wedding photos and album too! I've added going through pictures to my weekend to-do list. :)

    Happy (belated) anniversary!!

  2. I don't mean to be a stalker, but I nominated you for a stylish blog award!

    Hope to read more soon!