Monday, May 24, 2010


LOST is over, and I have been left with revelations about the show, the island, the characters we love, and myself. I am sorry to say, I'm still not exactly equipped to be eloquent on the subject, but I do have a few things to say, as well as a brilliant article for you to read to fill in the blanks I leave.....

*and yes, there are spoilers for those of you still catching up - stop reading! :)

Biggest Likes:

1. All the romantic happy endings!
2. Hurley ending up as the Island protector (which I totally called, by the way)
3. That Hurley finally gets Libby back

and possibly most of all.....

4. the ultimate survival of pilot Frank Lipidus.

P.S. I also promised Bama Man that I would be satisfied with the show as long as I found out what was up with the smoke monster, so I am officially obligated to be a happy camper "answer-wise"

Biggest Dislikes:

1. The fact that Ben doesn't get to "go in"
2. That we didn't get to see Penny and Desmond's final reunion.
3. That certain people and critics thought that happy endings were "cheesy"

and most most most of all...

4. That Kate gets to kill "Smokey" Hello, totally not fair.

Well there you have it. Check out the other article if you'd like.

Lost, we'll miss you....for the most part :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Snipets

1. Well, my computer has pretty much decided to go on strike. Apparently I'm not a very good boss? Anyway, my battery has been off it's game for awhile, but my laptop stayed alive when it was plugged in (which, by the way, totally defeats the purpose of a laptop). Well, then a virus got opened, but I was luckily able to get it to a computer geek friend who fixed it. Then, when I got it home, my charger decided it had enough, rendering my laptop completely useless. Luckily, Bama Man is gracious with his computer, and I can also use my laptop at work, by borrowing another charger. Didn't necessarily want to whine, just to explain why I haven't been my compulsively blogging self. Luckily, Bama Man is a firm believer in Ebay, and my brand new charger is heading this way from Hong Kong.

2. Speaking of work, it is time for you to meet Little Girl. Little Girl is the one and a half-year-old I nanny. Little Girl has blue eyes, and brown hair that grows directly into her face. I try to keep it pulled back in one of her many bows, but that tends to be futile. Interests include electrical outlets, "My Friends Tiger and Pooh," singing, playing with the cords that hang down from the blinds, using the dog as a jungle gym, balls, bubbles, and running down the driveway. Little Girl is not a very good listener. She is, however, cute enough to get away with it. Most importantly, she seems to like me, and does at least one thing a day that makes me smile. That being said, I figured it was time for all of you to meet because I am quite certain she will be making an occasional appearance.

3. I realize this is not an entertainment blog, but I would be remiss to let the eve of the LOST series finale pass without a blip. I don't know if any of you have that love hate relationship that is watching Lost, but I do. Tomorrow, it will all be a distant memory, and I am quite sure I will have something to say about it - so brace yourselves.

4. I went to the grocery store yesterday to buy buns last minute for grilled chicken Bama Man was cookin' up. I had before me two options: I could buy regular, generic hamburger buns for price A, or freshly baked French bread buns from the bakery for price B, which is about a dollar more than price A. despite my better judgement, I went with the latter. I couldn't help myself. Now, I know what you're thinking, "It's just a buck!" and you're right, but it got me lying awake thinking (Listen, we've been through this, I'm a little obsessed with food) about how often, lately, I have chosen the slightly expensive, while seemingly gourmet options at the grocery store. Would the generic buns been as amazing as the french bread? No. But it would have been just fine! It's not really a big deal in and of itself, but I realized that between this blog and all the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks I've been reading at work, that I have somehow begun to think that I have to turn every single meal into a gourmet experience to be a good cook. That isn't even what I started this blog for! I started it to prove that a newlywed could be a domestic diva while dealing with reality, financial or otherwise, even if that means making chicken casserole every night. It's the little things that make seemingly ordinary meals special, and that shouldn't have to mean going out of budget. I could have bought those painfully normal buns and toasted them up with some butter. So I am starting fresh. Shopping sales, planning menus, and finding little ways to make ordinary extraordinary. I'm not sure if this makes sense, and it's not exactly a "snipet," but I am through accidental overspending at the grocery store. Anyone else know what I mean?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Not Exagerating When I Tell You This Changed My Life.

Well, this blog is supposed to be about all things life and domestic - not just cooking! So I am diverging from my obsession with food to give you a little motivation to organize that linen closet this weekend.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Snipets

When I started this segment, I did not plan on Saturdays being the only day I actually got around to blogging, but that is just how the last couple weeks have played out. I will make an attempt at improvement...promise....

1. Is there anything better than hot fudge? I got ice cream sundae fixin's to celebrate BamaMan's return from his latest business, and I swear I could heat up that little hot fudge jar and eat straight out of it with a spoon! And don't even get me started on whipped cream.....

2. While we're on my food obsession, I need help! I have tried several times to make some tasty, airy, down-home biscuits, and even though my amazing husband has managed to eat the fruits of my labor, they've all pretty much been flops. Does anyone have a tried and true biscuit recipe? Thanks!

3. Thank you Womens Entertainment Television for playing Grease today, and thank you for a man who love his wife enough to sit through (most) musicals. You know what though, I feel like Sandy sometimes - maybe most of the time. I think we've already discussed how I end up being Doris Day instead of Gene Tierney, but I'm jst restating the point. Anyone feel the same way?

Gotta run...I will be back before next Saturday :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Thank You For:

1. Spending an agonizing 72 hours bringing me into this world

2. Thinking I'm funny and making me laugh...a lot

3. Not treating me (completely) insane when my hypochondria gets the best of me

4. Filling my Christmas stocking with stuff I didn't even realize I wanted, but really did

5. Becoming a "slave to my education," even though most people you knew at the time thought you were nuts

6. Video taping a million hours of my infant self doing absolutely nothing

7. Carting us (partially against our will) to every Oregon Trail landmark and Native American burial ground in the greater North/Mid West, in the smoldering heat, blasting John Denver all the way

8. Teaching me to sing

9. Living through the drama of three girls, teen years and all

10. Being my best friend

11. Loving Daddy

12. Being such an amazing role model

13. Acting like it was totally normal when I called you twice a day for the first week after I got back from my honeymoon, just to ask for wife advice

14. Letting me cry

15. Making me read as a kid

16. Crying every day for a week after I moved out

17. All the Disney trips

18. Dealing with the trauma of telling me about sex and Santa Claus in the same year

19. Making sure I knew how much God loves me

20. Teaching me how to cook

21. Accusing me of plagiarizing everything I wrote as a kid (I learned to take it as a compliment)

There you go, one thank you for every year you've kept me alive.

I love you, happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Snipets

This is the first time I can remember that I don't really feel like blogging, but I promised a Saturday series, and by golly, I am going to deliver ;)

1. Today was my 4-year-old nephew's birthday party. I just have one question: are little boys born with some intrinsic video-gaming gene? Because, let me tell you, and trust me when I tell you I am not underrating my ability - he pretty much beat me to a pulp on Mario Brothers......and he can't even count higher than 10. Am I just that bad at video games? Anyway, I would like to think there is something more to this phenomenon than simply my inability.

2. You are talking to (er.......reading from?) a new woman. As of Friday, I am free from all obligations scholastic! I am thrill to be able to spend my summer reading, and cooking, and writing without worrying about turning in homework on time!

3. Speaking of summer reading, any suggestions? It occurred to be the other day that my personal library is not as large as I like to think, so I will be getting my first library card in 5 years (gulp) and making good use of it. I already have a few things in mind, but....what do you think?

Well, I am sorry, but that is all I have right now. More next week, I am sure :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For

I remember only a few short days ago I was whining about the fact I didn't want to go to work. I believe my exact words were "I just want to sit and drink coffee....." Well, God was listening, and with a muffled chuckle said, "okay" and now I have pink eye. Yep, conjunctivitis.

But, any of you who know me probably realize I'll take just about any excuse to lie low. So, I have a pot of coffee on, a stack of papers to grade, and the food network blaring.

While we're on the subject of the Food TV, does anyone else think that competition cooking is (addictingly) ridiculous. Today it was a cake competition. The rules are simple: Make a completely unrealistic cake, do it in a unrealistic amount of time, and then, oh yeah, carry it up a flight of stairs to the judges platform. Now that is good television.

Anyway, that's enough randomness for one day. Hope the first half of the week went well for you , good luck with the rest!

Many Thanks!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all my readers, followers, and comment-ers, both new and familiar.

I started this blog to write again, but I also wanted to create the kind of place that I want to be. A place of cooking, and coffee, and finding the intricate pattern of life in the simple things - like cleaning the kitchen. Deep, huh?

Whatever you feel this blog is, it means a lot to me that you are here. So thank you very much, and make yourself at home!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Snipets

Well, it seems to me that so many blogs have some weekly series that I though I should do the same. So here we go, every Saturday I will subject you to the random thoughts of my semi-deranged mind. Ready? Here we go...

1. While I generally do not condone those people who make a huge deal of parading their illness around their social networks, generating sympathy from their friends, allow me to parade mine around for a second.

The truth is, for the last three days I have been fighting to keep my throat from closing up on itself (no, not literally, but that's what it feels like). Luckily, the ibuprofen and I have been winning. In an effort to end the war altogether I did something I hate - I took vitamin C.

Look, I know it doesn't sound like an accomplishment, but if you are at all familiar with vitamins in general you know what I'm talking about. I mean, really, with all the technological advancements in the world, can they not make a vitamin that is smaller than a football stadium? So, long story short, here is what I subjected myself to in the name of the cause

Thank you, I know. Luckily, vitamin water was on sales at Publix, so I have been drowning my sorrows in "Power-C." And of course it can't keep me out of the kitchen - I even made homemade pancakes for breakfast (and yes, I washed my hands - a lot).

2. Bama Man and I have been taking Spring Cleaning to the max by doing our very first home improvement projects together. We have now re-vamped over half the house, and I am loving it!

It all started when we painted the kitchen - a beautiful shade of silver (I call it blue when Bama Man is not listening, even though it really does look silver everywhere else in the house) but we have now moved onto the bedroom, living room, and hallway. It is an amazing feeling to me making the house so intensely personal and fresh.

Here's the thing: When we painted to kitchen I (for some insane reason I honestly cannot recall) stripped the photos and magnets off the refrigerator. That's right. Stripped. As in, removed every single thing off of the fridge. It's like I completely forgot the memories of the agonizing hours I spent perfecting it the first time.

Refrigerator placement is an art. There is a very fine line between cozy and cluttered. Unfortunately, now that I got them off, I cannot find one single way I like them back on. I have tried just about everything. Wish me luck.

3. Listen carefully, because I am about to let you in on something that may change your life! At least in a culinary sense. I was given a book for my wedding that I never really got around to digging into - until today. It is amazing!

It has everything you could possibly imagine inside it's deceptively quaint frame - and a lot of things you didn't even think of. It certainly referenced many of the foodie thoughts that have occupied my mind recently; What sort of roasting pan should one buy? How to make homemade pasta? How to buy pork? Which herbs to use and when? And, possibly the most revolutionary, how to store butter. Which, by the way, is cold, otherwise it becomes oily in the food you add it to instead of creamy. Who knew?

I was so very excited that Bama Man even pretended to care. This is the sort of thing that make our relationship work: I get excited about the Cubs, he gets excited about butter.

Anyway, check the book out! You're welcome.