Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Snipets

When I started this segment, I did not plan on Saturdays being the only day I actually got around to blogging, but that is just how the last couple weeks have played out. I will make an attempt at improvement...promise....

1. Is there anything better than hot fudge? I got ice cream sundae fixin's to celebrate BamaMan's return from his latest business, and I swear I could heat up that little hot fudge jar and eat straight out of it with a spoon! And don't even get me started on whipped cream.....

2. While we're on my food obsession, I need help! I have tried several times to make some tasty, airy, down-home biscuits, and even though my amazing husband has managed to eat the fruits of my labor, they've all pretty much been flops. Does anyone have a tried and true biscuit recipe? Thanks!

3. Thank you Womens Entertainment Television for playing Grease today, and thank you for a man who love his wife enough to sit through (most) musicals. You know what though, I feel like Sandy sometimes - maybe most of the time. I think we've already discussed how I end up being Doris Day instead of Gene Tierney, but I'm jst restating the point. Anyone feel the same way?

Gotta run...I will be back before next Saturday :)


  1. Alton Brown (from the Food Network) did a show about the recipe for perfect biscuits. I haven't tried to make them, but my friend did and I ate the ones she made.... so light and airy, but very hearty! I think you can find the recipe by googling.

    And hot fudge is always a winner in my book - ice cream or no ice cream :).

    Posts like these are always my favorites! I love reading snippets of people's lives!

  2. You know what? Saturdays only is a good thing, shows you know what your priorities are (-: