Sunday, January 17, 2010

To Bama Man

Before we got married, I was tried constantly with well-meaning people who told me I wouldn't always feel the same way about you, that the honeymoon doesn't last forever, that after the first year things would be different.

Well, I never thought I'd say this, but I guess they were right.

Because you show me something new everyday that I love about you, the "real world" has turned out to be even better than a few days in Peurto Rico, and after this first year together I'm even more in love with you than I ever was before.

Thanks for the best time I've ever had. Happy first year anniversary, here's to the rest!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes, I Know It's The 12th

Though I'm not a general believer in New Year's resolutions I am a firm believer in self-improvement. Sometimes self-imprvement is like stepping into a vat of ice water, but hey, it's good for you (the improvement, not the ice water) And so, as ambitious as this list has gotten, here are a few thoughts for my new year.....

1. Get my wedding album developed - It's been almost a year for goodness sake

2. Develop an organization/cleaning schedule, and stick to it - No matter how tired I am after work

3. Pick 12 deserving books from my over-crowded shelves and actually read them

4. Write to my Meme every-other Friday

5. Purge my wardrobe and other formerly-beloved things that could use a better home - As well as recirculate and put to god use the things I can't live without

6. Have a Yard Sale - That stuff's got to go somewhere

7. Set up my guestroom and put it to proper use at least once this year - It is currently serving as the scary room full of misplaced junk that you see on shows like "Clean House"

8. Become an expert on Irish history and culture - For a third generation immigrant, obsessed about her roots, I know embarrassingly little about the beautiful county I (partially) came from

9. Cook or Bake one new thing a week - Topping the list are homemade pasta, chocolate mouse, and pork chops

10. Lose 5 pounds - or tone it but it's got to go somewhere, by exercising portion control and..just exercising

11. Put things away when I am done with them - sounds elementary, I know, but when your parents tell you it's an important habit to get into before you grow up, they are not kidding!

12. Master the art of extreme couponing

13. Decrease my sugar intake - Possibly the hardest since I'm such a sweet tooth, but I'm starting small, with my morning coffee

14. Drink more water and start drinking green tea - my skin needs a little more love

15. Become a better student and a better teacher by remaining organized - as well as getting of my you-know-what and getting stuff done

16. Get my rings cleaned once every six months

And possibly the most important...

17. Talk less and listen more!

Sure, I've lost almost two weeks headstart, but better late than never. Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Cats. They can't be trusted. I am not a dog person and generally advocate for cats against the many confused Americans that seem to think that cats are fickle creatures with too much attitude and too little personality. Okay, so cats ARE fickle, and I can't argue that they have LOTS of attitude, however, one thing cats DO NOT lack is personality. Let me tell you something, Our cats have placed themselves as the substitutes for our unborn children from day one. They are worse than toddlers.

Before I moved in, my husband had one cat, Walker, who followed him around to the point of insanity where he actually brought home a second cat, Pierce, just to give Walker something to do. In typical fashion, he was unable to outsmart the cat, and now they both follow him around. When I moved in, even though they had seen me on numerous occasions and were plenty grateful for my attention on those days, we had some adjustment issues. The cats actually shunned me and made it perfectly clear they were choosing to ignore my existence until I actually ceased to exist. Which I didn't. I'm happy to say that after almost a year, filled with an embarrassing amount of bribing, they've given in. Of course, what I neglected to prepare for was that I am now the one they follow around when my Husband is not home. Pierce is the particular Momma's boy. When I wake up, Pierce is there. When I eat breakfast, Pierce is most definitely there. When I do chores, Pierce is there. When I use the ladies room, you guessed it.

The thing about overly attentive cats is that they expect you to be overly attentive. That being said, it should come as no surprise that it makes the cats very anxious when we go to bed at night. Since Christmas we have taken to locking them in "their" room rather then merely locking them out of ours. But those cats. They are not to be trusted. They simply can not stand the fact that I may be sleeping peacefully somewhere in the house instead of begging them to let me pet them! So last night, minutes after drifting in to sleep, my husband and I were woken by a melodic crashing of fantastic proportions. Think "Phantom of the Opera." Since a picture is worth a thousand words, allow me to simply leave you with this...

I'm sure our neighbors were thrilled....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Writer Writes

Happy January 3rd! The new year is starting to feel just a little less unique even though the faint smell of explosives is still hanging in the air. Due to time off from work, my husband and I have been absolutely gorging ourselves on rest. It's been a wonderful lapse from reality. So, today I spent all morning and 4 cups of coffee (which is less common than most people that know me may think) poring over a delightful married life blog I just accidentally happened upon. It was refreshing, honest, informative, and above all fun. It astounded me how kindred I felt to the blogger as I giggled and winced over so many situations I felt myself personally relating to, all the while thinking to myself, "I could have written this!" Bringing up the now painfully obvious question - "why don't you, ya dingbat!"

It's shocking how much of my life has been filled with me, whining in the shadows of other blogs, columns, and books that I planned on writing, want to write, but just....don't. Now, I'm sure there is some overwhelming psychology that keeps me in this catatonic writer's block. My Dad's solution was attempting to break down the walls by repeating, practically constantly, that "a writer writes." Don't get me wrong Daddy, I'm grateful. It's just weird seeing yourself as such a hypocrite. Of course, this is one hypocrisy that would be easily solved if I was just a little less lazy, and a little less concerned about perfection. My goodness, ego is a powerful force!

Now while I remain intensely cynical of New Year's resolutions in many respects, I do intend on making a comeback in 2010. Here's to rising above hypocrisy and fear, and actually getting something done. What about you? What great fear are you rising above this year?