Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My First Christmas As A Mrs.

Since it was an absolute blast, I think it only far that I touch on my first Christmas as a Married Woman. I suppose I won't go into the details of festivities and such (We made rounds with the families, spent time by ourselves, and wrapped it all up with the new Sherlock movie, which was incredible by the way) but i do have one thing to point out.

There comes a time in every young lady's life when she looks herself up and down, taps herself on the shoulder, checks her pulse, and realizes....she's a woman. My moment came, quite appropriately, on my first married Christmas when I looked around and realized that, among the many other things, many of my gifts were kitchen appliances, aromatheraputic cleaning supplies, and gift cards to high-end grocery stores - because that's what I wanted!

Growing up, I have found my Momma ridiculous to buy gifts for. Partially because I have a hard time picking out gifts for anyone I care about that I feel are "good enough." but mostly, in her case, because she very often asks for "tools" of her trade...which happens to be a full time Homemaker. Something about buying Mom a good set of pots and pans never seemed adequate to me. This however, was before I understood the relationship of a woman and her household, a woman and her kitchen. I suddenly, and quite unexpectedly do now. Which also begs the question, is that transformation into womanhood actually found in that quirky moment when you look and realize you're becoming your Mother.

What do you think? When did your a-ha moment come?

Lesson Learned In 2009

When it comes to cooking mistakes, cut your losses and start over.

Now I realize some - if not most- of you may disagree with me, and perhaps this is a guideline subjecive to each home chef, but for me, it had become gospel. It's a matter of control really. Wanting to fix something, that is cearly beyond you. Trying to work outside the law! Okay, maybe not the law, but the recipie. Unfortunatly for me, I usually find myself ending in failure...messy failure. Anyway, wish me luck!

May I rise above my kitchen mistakes in 2010!

P.S. Christmas reporting soon to come

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tis the Season...to Update

Well, it's Christmas Eve, and goodness sake, time to update! This Holiday season has yeilded many inspirations for blogging, unfortunatly it hasn't allowed much of an oppurunity time-wise. But here I am sitting with my husband, cup of joe in hand, watching Star Wars in "crystal-clear" High Def. That's right, we braved the mayhem on Black Friday and came home with a 32' flat-screen. We got it hooked up to HD sattlite in time for the Iron Bowl, and have been thrilled with it ever since.
Aside from television there's been baking, puzzle-putting-together, and generally enjoying our first Christmas as a married couple! The cats have not really enjoyed the season as they've spent a lot of time "grounded" sinece they can't be trusted alone with the tree. When they are allowed out, they do enjoy sitting on the tree skirt and staring up at the lights.
This year, I was able to rise above my procrastinating ways and get gifts under the tree, with time to spare. I'm actually quite proud of myself. I managed to make some edile gifts from scratch as well and should be posting recipies, assuming they all turn out :)
Anyway, I hope everyone has a very Mrry Christmas, and I'll hopefully be blogging again in time to wish you a Happy New Year as well!