Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Writer Writes

Happy January 3rd! The new year is starting to feel just a little less unique even though the faint smell of explosives is still hanging in the air. Due to time off from work, my husband and I have been absolutely gorging ourselves on rest. It's been a wonderful lapse from reality. So, today I spent all morning and 4 cups of coffee (which is less common than most people that know me may think) poring over a delightful married life blog I just accidentally happened upon. It was refreshing, honest, informative, and above all fun. It astounded me how kindred I felt to the blogger as I giggled and winced over so many situations I felt myself personally relating to, all the while thinking to myself, "I could have written this!" Bringing up the now painfully obvious question - "why don't you, ya dingbat!"

It's shocking how much of my life has been filled with me, whining in the shadows of other blogs, columns, and books that I planned on writing, want to write, but just....don't. Now, I'm sure there is some overwhelming psychology that keeps me in this catatonic writer's block. My Dad's solution was attempting to break down the walls by repeating, practically constantly, that "a writer writes." Don't get me wrong Daddy, I'm grateful. It's just weird seeing yourself as such a hypocrite. Of course, this is one hypocrisy that would be easily solved if I was just a little less lazy, and a little less concerned about perfection. My goodness, ego is a powerful force!

Now while I remain intensely cynical of New Year's resolutions in many respects, I do intend on making a comeback in 2010. Here's to rising above hypocrisy and fear, and actually getting something done. What about you? What great fear are you rising above this year?

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  1. Think I'm gonna have to do a lot of hanging out with your Momma. Much I would like to learn from her. I'd love for my house to feal so seasonal and my poor girls may be terribly deprived of all of these fabulous movies that you speak of as I only know of a few of them. Guess we are on the right track though with all of our Little House, Little women and Anne of Green Gables, at least it's a start.