Monday, May 24, 2010


LOST is over, and I have been left with revelations about the show, the island, the characters we love, and myself. I am sorry to say, I'm still not exactly equipped to be eloquent on the subject, but I do have a few things to say, as well as a brilliant article for you to read to fill in the blanks I leave.....

*and yes, there are spoilers for those of you still catching up - stop reading! :)

Biggest Likes:

1. All the romantic happy endings!
2. Hurley ending up as the Island protector (which I totally called, by the way)
3. That Hurley finally gets Libby back

and possibly most of all.....

4. the ultimate survival of pilot Frank Lipidus.

P.S. I also promised Bama Man that I would be satisfied with the show as long as I found out what was up with the smoke monster, so I am officially obligated to be a happy camper "answer-wise"

Biggest Dislikes:

1. The fact that Ben doesn't get to "go in"
2. That we didn't get to see Penny and Desmond's final reunion.
3. That certain people and critics thought that happy endings were "cheesy"

and most most most of all...

4. That Kate gets to kill "Smokey" Hello, totally not fair.

Well there you have it. Check out the other article if you'd like.

Lost, we'll miss you....for the most part :)

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