Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Thank You For:

1. Spending an agonizing 72 hours bringing me into this world

2. Thinking I'm funny and making me laugh...a lot

3. Not treating me (completely) insane when my hypochondria gets the best of me

4. Filling my Christmas stocking with stuff I didn't even realize I wanted, but really did

5. Becoming a "slave to my education," even though most people you knew at the time thought you were nuts

6. Video taping a million hours of my infant self doing absolutely nothing

7. Carting us (partially against our will) to every Oregon Trail landmark and Native American burial ground in the greater North/Mid West, in the smoldering heat, blasting John Denver all the way

8. Teaching me to sing

9. Living through the drama of three girls, teen years and all

10. Being my best friend

11. Loving Daddy

12. Being such an amazing role model

13. Acting like it was totally normal when I called you twice a day for the first week after I got back from my honeymoon, just to ask for wife advice

14. Letting me cry

15. Making me read as a kid

16. Crying every day for a week after I moved out

17. All the Disney trips

18. Dealing with the trauma of telling me about sex and Santa Claus in the same year

19. Making sure I knew how much God loves me

20. Teaching me how to cook

21. Accusing me of plagiarizing everything I wrote as a kid (I learned to take it as a compliment)

There you go, one thank you for every year you've kept me alive.

I love you, happy Mothers Day!


  1. Lucy, you blessed me with this tribute to your aMAZing Momma! Well done, beautiful girl!