Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Happy Wednesday

I don't really have anything meaningful or fascinating to share with you tonight. I just thought I'd say hello so you wouldn't forget who I was. Made yummy chicken noodle (and cheese, obviously!) casserole for dinner, and now I'm craving something sweet. Yeah, I'm about five minutes away from raiding my pantry in case there's something I can scrape together into sweet deliciousness. I am not optimistic, but wish me luck.

Maybe chocolate chip muffins?

P.S. Totally enjoying the little preview of Spring here in northern alabama. 7o degrees.....heck yes! After all, the next time it will be this warm it will actually be more like 80-something, and I will begin my yearly melt. So, taking advantage of the moderate, sunny perfection...and trying to forget that more snow is just around the corner...

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  1. i just took a chance and checked in on your blog and guess what...there was an update...ADORE your background...whose cute kitchen could that be <3