Monday, February 28, 2011

Life Made Lovely

Hello Everyone! The weekend is over, but it's okay. Remember that great blog I mentioned a post or so ago, @blessedlittlenest? Well, she has a weekly segment called "Life Made Lovely Mondays" where she posts something lovely, and readers can join in. So, if Monday has already got you down, head on over and view some lovelies! In the mean time, here is my contribution....

The beautiful, pink, flowery House Plant that I have kept alive for almost a whole month! Aren't you proud? Don't forget to click the link below for more loveliness!

Happy Monday friends!


  1. one month and it looks lovely!
    in my book i'd call that a success!

  2. hahahahaha...I CAN NOT keep anything with flowers alive...period. your playlist!