Monday, March 28, 2011

For Love of a Book: Part One

I have always (okay, maybe not always) loved reading, and my
old love has made a recent resurgence.
I had a couple bumps along the reading road lately
(to be described in detail at a later time)
and then I stumbled upon this classic sitting
unassumingly on my bookcase and it has been like a safe haven in the
windy sea of literature. I know.
But I am in looooove.
And, okay, I haven't even finished it yet, though I will soon,
but I've seen enough BBC renditions of this baby
to know I will be like how it ends.
I almost can't wait to get to work so I can read a few more chapters
before my little charge wakes up.

It's Monday. But never fear,
there's only a few more days until next Saturday.
Happy weeks to all!

Have you made any booky friends lately?




  1. I recently read Jane Eyre and adored it!! Enjoy!

  2. Glad to hear you're reading :) Jane Eyre is on my list! I read Wuthering Heights just recently. I finished Oliver Twist and am now on to The Count of Monte Cristo :)

  3. I am like you in that I have always loved reading. When I was in H.S. my mom would call me down for dinner and I couldn't eat cuz I didn't want to stop reading. Now, my hubs will become irritated because I will begin to read and I won't stop to cook or eat or anything. I love to read...and apparently to escape. LOL

  4. I love reading too!! I'm in need of a new book and a little more time in the day (well I could close up the lap top and read, but I'm feeling lazy hahaha).

  5. I am just returning to reading now that my youngest is 3. It is the best!

  6. I love Jane Eyre! It's been one of my favs since high school. I recently read Pride and Prejudice and loved it!

  7. um I am totally loving your playlist!!!


  8. LOVE Jane Eyre. Love reading too! So happy you are reading JA. It's definitely one of my most favorite books.