Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Coffe Date

That's Bama Man and me twirling back there, isn't he wonderful

Good morning! How are you? If we were having coffee today... I'd offer you some breakfast...but secretly wish you had brought some scones with you. I could really go for a scone right now.

I'd probably ask you if you noticed that I've been messing with my blog a lot lately. If you did, I would probably apologize, and thank you for sticking it out. I'm just nesting really. Growing up my Momma was constantly moving furniture around, perfecting her home. To this day when I walk in for an occasional visit, the living room is almost certain to be arranged differently than the last time. It's part of her charm. So, it should go without saying that I was a teenager and young adult who rearranged her bedroom quarterly or so, and that I have basically been genetically formatted to be in "nest perfection" mode....well, a lot. Turns out, when I married the man of my dreams and moved into a place of my own that, for the most part, everything is kind of situated the way it works and the way we like it, so it usually stays that way. So my nesting energy usually gets channeled into compulsive fits of straightening and dish washing. Turns out it also gets channeled into my blog layout. Don't be alarmed, I think I'm done....for a minute.

As with most social activities, I'd probably talk too much, so I'd tell you about the phase that I'm in right now. Not a phase, as in a fleeting thing, but as in transition to something permanent and workable, phase. Like a "phase 1" phase. It seems like these days "minimal living," and "simplifying" are all the rage. And the idea is certainly alluring. I bought in. I considered the idea of "downsizing." I purged my closet and packed up unneeded household items for the eventual yard sale I hope to have. But I looked around, and I didn't feel done. And after kicking the idea around with my Baby Sister I realized what I really need. I call it "utilizing." Yes, it's important to declutter and release ourselves from unneeded things, but isn't the idea also about eliminating waste? I whine about having "nothing to wear" but my closet it full. I complain about not having enough "entertaining space" while I have a husband who is a grill master and my (almost) gigantic back porch lays in disrepair. I browse the clearance section of Anthro for more and more dishes when my kitchen cabinets can barely hold the ones we have. Maybe what I really need is to take stock and start using the things and spaces I already have. Does that make any sense at all?

Then you would probably think "Soapbox much?" but you're polite so you would probably just nod and smile, drink your remaining coffee as quickly as possible, and head out. And that's okay, I understand. I have to get going anyway, those bathrooms aren't going to clean themselves :)

I am so glad you stopped by today! Same time next week?

Check in later this week for a post about the amazing vacuum cleaner my amazing husband bought me!

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  1. You make me happy, Lucy :))))))))) Let's do a coffee date in person soon, kk????

  2. i totally get it and i have been feeling the same way. i am on a mission to de-clutter and seriously only keep stuff i like . why do i need all this crap, anyway?! i am trying to use what i have around here without buying stuff just because i feel like it. thanks for coffee, i loved chatting with you!

  3. Love your blog title! Nice having coffee with you!!