Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Unconventional St. Patrick's Day

"When Irish eyes are smiling, they're up to something"

So here's the deal, I'm usually pretty over-the-top about St. Patrick's Day. I love it! And, hey, the only reason I'm alive is because my Great-Great-Grandfather came over on the boat from "Erin" and planted himself here in the States, so I have a wee bit of right. So, in my usual way I planned this day out to perfection to be filled with mint thin making and Riverdance watching (Yes, I own it). Instead, I ended up scrubbing the mess (punny, no?) out of my kitchen and baking banana bread. I's a little sad. OR it would be if this banana bread was not scrumptious! See?

When I have more time, I'll have to share! For now, I hope you're all having a wonderful time, and a wee bit '0' Irish fun.......


  1. That banana bread actually looks yummy!

  2. next time add green food coloring to the bread dough xxxooo mama