Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Coffe Date

Good morning Friends! If we were really having coffee today...

I wouldn't really know where to begin.

Yes I would, I would begin my mentioning how amazingly grateful I am for this coffee this morning.

For those of you who don't know, last Wednesday, April 27th, Alabama (Where Bama Man and I live, in case that's never been clear) was hit with the greatest natural tragedy the state has seen this side of modern technology. The tornadoes left hundreds dead, thousands displaced, and over a million without power. It was considered a State and Federal Disaster and we began picking up the pieces.

Bama Man and I have been without electricity for the last five days, which is why I've been absent, but we, and everyone we know and love made it through unscathed (both sets of our parents never even lost power) and praising God that He allowed this trial to pass over us!

It has been such a privilege to join with our church and the EMA to help those who have lost so much more than utilities! The church (the body, not the buildings) of Alabama has kicked into high gear, and done everything possible to give comfort and aid to the many hurting in our community.

I'm thanking God that He has allowed my senses to be heightened. How important my friends and family are, how spoiled I've become having Bama Man home with me for the last week, how much I love my house, how nice it is to have a safe cat taking up my space in this chair, how blessed I am to have a husband who has given us enough financial security to make it through crisis, how much I am going to enjoy vacuuming now that our power has returned. How much He loves us! Not because He shielded us from this tragedy, but because He would have been with us either way.

What are you grateful for this morning? :)

If you would like to help those in need here in Alabama, please go to redcross.org to find out how to donate. Thank you so much!

On a lighter note, Bama Man and I have learned to love our "Amish Experience."

My activities this week have included, but are not limited to:

Dinners over candlelight, one game of Rummy, reading through a book and a half, organizing our bookshelf so that all of our books fit, laying contact paper in (most of) the kitchen cabinets, cleaning and organizing the study, also...

Walker made a froggy friend (see him hanging on the screen?)....who he then tried very hard to kill and could not, with the window and all. Nice try Walker.

About a hundred games of solitaire, the old-fashioned way, of which I won a few...

And possible the piece de resistance,

Grilling cinnamon rolls!

Ingenuitive, no?

It worked too!
Sure there was a little scorching, and a touch of charbroiled flavor, but they were still delicious!

Bama Man, thank you for being adventurous, and not looking at me like I was crazy when I suggested this...and also, for pulling it off! You're the best :)

What would you have to share today, friends?

I hope you all have a fabulous Tuesday!



  1. Glad you are safe and back to the bloggy world!!!


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  3. Glad you are safe and were able to make the best of a scary situation!