Saturday, September 24, 2011

Happy Fall!

Hello Friends! It's Saturday, and better yet, the first Saturday of Fall.
How did you celebrate yesterday?

I tried to soak it in. Alabama cooperated and gave us a bright cool day in honor of the occasion. I spent a lot of it grocery shopping, which may sound a little sad, but I get a secret kick out of it. I ran all over town in search of the best deals. Did you know that Target gives you a discount for bringing your own bags?!? Okay, so it's only five cents per bag, but this girl will take what she can get. As if I needed another reason to be in love with Target.

I took a beautiful lunch break - broccoli cheese soup, what else - to keep my strength up and go over my grocery list. (See picture above for deliciousness)

Then it was home for some hot cocoa, coffee, and girl talk with my sissies. Followed by cleaning like gang busters until Husband got home. We spent the rest of the evening at a local high school football game, armed with my chunkiest sweater and more hot chocolate.

*Insert cool picture of my bundled up legs, carafe, and football field that I meant to take, but forgot, cause that's what I do these days*

It just seemed like the perfect way to wrap up the first day of Fall.
Hope yours was equally delightful.
Stay tuned for my list of how I plan to absorb everything the season has to offer.
Happy Saturday!

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