Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday Snipets

Happy Saturday!

Bama Man and I joined the gym this week.
As the wife of very dedicated man, it should go without
saying that we have been there everyday since
signing up (which I love),
and I think it's finally catching up with me.

That, coupled with a morning of service projects
(with basically the coolest church peeps around),
yard work, and washing the car,
has left this girl pooped.

But proud of her hard work.

Now Bama Man is watching the Masters, leaving
me plenty of time to catch up on my blog reading
and recipe/coupon searching.

There are exactly two things I enjoy about the Masters:

1. Watching Tiger mess up (is that a little bitter?)

2. Hearing Mister say "Called it" when shots
go the way he predicted (which is pretty often)

Other than that it's a bit of yawn.

After living here in Alabama for almost seven years
I shouldn't be at all suprised that Spring
completely passed us by again
and just gave up and surrendered to summer.
Honestly though, I'm not complaining.
It's MUCH better than Winter.
Plus, I vowed to myself
(and now to you which means there's no way out)
that I would be a good sport about the heat this year.
I do not do heat.
I am a Seattle Native.
But, this year, I will be a good sport.

Big news around these parts:
Walker (the cat) actually wounded his very first living thing!
Actually, make that "attacked something not a twisty tie"
for the very first time.
It's just a fly, but it's a big deal.
"Daddy" is very proud.

Made some yummy chicken tacos for lunch.
Getting a little bored with all my recipes.
I remember when Mister and I were engaged
he told me all I really needed to know
was five ways to make a chicken casserole.
It sounded like a good plan to me at the time.
But I think, after two years of marriage
we've both changed our minds.
Don't get me wrong, I've certainly branched out,
but I'm sill in a rut.
Any suggestions?

Well, that's about all I've got.
How are you spending your Saturday?

Hope it's fab!


  1. My husband is at the Masters so i enjoyed a mani/pedi while my teen boys did their thing!

  2. Ah I have a recipe suggestion!! :) I recently joined Kraft Food's recipe site where they EMAIL you recipe ideas for dinner--almost daily!!!! I have gotten such AMAZING dinner recipes from those emails. They're all easy but REALLY good. AND I never know which recipe is coming next--it's been very adventurous for us! :)))