Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Morning April!

Honestly, I expected a little more out of you.

What does it take for a girl to get a little sunshine around here?

Is that too much to ask?

If Spring doesn't come soon then it will be too late

it will be summer

And you know how this chick feels about Alabama summers.

I promised myself that I would be a good sport this year,

but you could a least reward my intentions with some moderate heat!

I'm thinking 75 degrees and sunny oughta do it.

Good, now that we understand each other,

I will look forward to the weekend with hope.

But really, I'm just glad you're here

You know March, she was dragging on there.

P.S. My almost-baby (read:middle) Sister is coming home today!

For those of you lucky enough to know this girl

you understand how freakin' awesome that is!

I will try not best not to think about the fact it is only for a visit

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