Friday, December 30, 2011

Right this Second

I'm sitting in one of my favorite chairs in the house, in flannel pajamas that came in a thoughtful Christmas package intended for Husband, stolen by me, and so big that they swallow me and the bump whole, drinking my favorite roast of starbucks coffee (decaf of course) that was on sale at the grocery store today, brewed in the french press I got for Christmas from my Daddy, with the delicious knowledge that this is day one in the second 4-day weekend in a row, while Husband is within arms reaching watching what promises to be one of many, many football games to be watched today and Baby Boy it poking what used to be my belly button. And I'm drinking in the overwhelming feeling of comfort.

Yeah, my to-do list is pretty long, yep my nose is stuffy, yes I'm starring at a fully dressed Christmas tree that needs to retire today, yeah I need to get up like right now and put supper in the crokpot if we plan on eating it before bedtime, but right this second, everything is right with the world. And I am so very, very comfortable.

Happy New Years Friends!

P.S. I'm so freakin' excited about a fresh new year. I'll have to check back in soon with some of the ways I plan on filling it up :)

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