Sunday, March 21, 2010

June Goes Nanny

Oh my goodness. I failed to come through on the blog-promises, yet again. I will get around to Irish-ness by April 17th I am sure.

The truth is, time has truly been slipping through my fingers. Between work, and school, and teaching, and keeping my house realatively clean, there jut doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. And I hate cliche terms like that, but it just so happens to hold true in this situation. The mere fact that Iam squeezing in blogging time before running out the door to church should be evidence of this. (And I should actually be using these precious minutes to work on my Spainish.) The unpleasant fact is, my life has been running a little mad as of late.

But I have good news.

I finally found a new, better for my life, will actually work with my schedule, has something remotely to do with my life goals, job! Yep, that dear little wish I have been praying for has finally come to pass, and I feel like a new woman. More money, more time, more being off on weekends and evenings. More happy. Plus, I don't have to contort myself into being a salewomen anymore. June Cleaver is going Nanny! I get to spend my days chasing around a sweet little one-and-a-half-year old girl, blogging - I mean- doing homework while she is napping, and wrap up the whole thing by being home in time to make dinner and spend the evening with BamaMan! Like I said, I am just a touch excited. Just a touch.....

Unfortunatly, every silver lining has some smoggy mass attached to it. The only downside to beginning my new wonderful giving notice at my old one. I've always been close with my managers, and my assistant managers already know I am leaving. They are understanding. They are excited for me. They are not my store manager.

Wish me luck as I head out into the unknown armed with nothing but determination, and my two-week notice....

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