Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Blog Failure

Well, I have officially become a blog failure. I knew this would happen eventually. As with most of my writing projects, I have managed to push my blog so far onto the back burner that I can't even smell what a horrible neglected mess it is. So, seventeen days ago I promised to spend the month delving in Irish History and culture and to pass on my discoveries. It is now March 16th and I haven't related one "wee" bit of celtic-ness. I have let down my readers who were looking forward to this (read: Miss Deb).

Not that it matters, but I happen to have a couple pretty good excuses. First, due to Spring Break, I've been pulling overtime at work, which has pretty much sucked the life out of my exsistence, plus when I had the time my computer has been really flakey, and, as it turns out, Ireland happens to have a lot of information to choose from. Whew. Okay, now that I am done whining, I actually have a pretty good solution: The Year of Erin Go Braugh!

Starting tomorrow, Saint Patrick's Day, I will feature an Irish tidbit, recipe, trivia, etc, on the 17th of each month, until we meet again on St. Patty's Day 2011! This way, I acomplish my goal of expanding my knowledge of all things Irish in a balanced attainable way I might actually be able to pull off, and you get to be along for the ride. So, that is the plan ladies and...ladies. We'll see you back here tomorrow for our first Erin Go Braugh segment!

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