Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Eve

Whew! Feels like the first time I've really sat down all day. As most of you probably know, Alabama didn't have a game today which left Bama Man and I to revert to our pre-football season routines of getting our own little projects done around the house. It's been one of those weeks, so I was a little daunted by my weekend to-do list, but I took one last swig of my coffee and got to it.

To be honest, it's been kind of amazing. I really do love working around our house. Tuesday, my weekday off, is usually when I spend time "homemaking," but this last Tuesday I spent the entire day holed up in my make-do storm shelter I put together in our guest bathroom, waiting for tornadoes that never did end up coming by the house. (I am grateful, by the way!) So my house has been crying out for me a little bit.

After cinnamon rolls and bacon, Bama Man and I hit a couple of yard sales. I scored James Taylor's greatest hits and the Best of Bob Marley for a grand total of $2! Possibly the highlight of my day. Then we came home, and I did weeks (and I mean weeks) worth of laundry, then to put that laundry away I had to reorganize my entire dresser and closet, then I realized I'd have more room if I moved out the summer clothes, but then I moved in the cold weather clothes - which took some more organizing. Then it was on to cleaning my kitchen from top to bottom (including throwing out old stuff from the fridge - and you know how I feel about that), and then I turned on the porch light, put out my pumpkin, donned my orange sweater, and waited for trick-or-treaters.

Actually, I've been pretty excited about the trick-or-treaters! Every Halloween, I've either been a kid, living in the boonies, or at work, so I've never actually gotten the opportunity to pass out candy to decked out kids. I was actually feeling a little hopeless, I even started eating some of the candy myself, but then it happened! A ring of the doorbell, and a bride, two princesses, and spiderman came to my door. It was a dream come true! Okay, maybe I wouldn't go that far, but it was pretty fun. No other rings yet, but I'm doing my best to save the candy.

What are y'all up to tonight?

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