Friday, August 20, 2010

Blogging and Psalm 107

Hi, I'm back! Goodness, has it really been June since I reclined in this delightful space where I get to be obnoxiously obsessed with food, pretend to be good at housework, and talk as long as I want?!? As it happens I only have a second before work, but I miss you.

It's funny actually, how, when it's been a while, I feel like I have to apologize or make it up to catch-up. Even more funny, I usually feel like that with God too.

When it's been awhile between my quiet times, when I let my priorities get out of line, I feel like, before I get to "come back" or get in God's good graces again, I have to earn it...make it up to Him. Read a certain amount of scripture, pray enough, stop listening to secular music for a week. I know, sounds ridiculous right? Well it is!

In fact, when I was reading my daily psalms, I found something I've never really noticed. Psalm 107 begins my thanking the Lord for His goodness and faithful love. Then it launches into a couple scenarios of His people who mess up. Some are rebellious, some are foolish, all end in some sort of suffering or bondage. You know what happens next? They call on the name of the Lord and He rescues them! There they are, suffering form the consequences of their own actions and they don't have to pray or read the Bible, or really even try to do anything at all. All they have to do is acknowledge their complete and utter need for God, and He "snaps their chains." Wow! How powerful is that?

Anyway, I will be a better blogger in the future, and looking forward to it. I will also be a better child of God, even if that means remembering that I don't have the power to do it for myself.

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  1. Hello. Just wanted to check in, I haven't been able to jump around this summer, too you!!

    Glad I stopped over. What a rejuvenating and encouraging post ..Thank you!