Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Snipets: Almost

Turns out I don't really have snipets today, just snipet - singular. And that is this:

I was planning on sharing that I had decided to get to work on my Charles Dickens collection by reading A Tale of Two Cities. You would have been so proud. Alas, I am in about 4 1/2 chapters and I pysically cannot stand to read another word. I was going to move through it like a trooper, because I felt a tremendous amount of guilt. But no more. I'm telling myself I'll come back to it someday. And those great classic novels are still sneering at me from my bookshelf. But life is too short for reading boring, British books. Sorry Charles, it's nothing personal.

Go ahead...judge me, it's worth it :)


  1. go ahead darlin...march on n don't look back...theres waaaay toooo many good books n not nearly enough time as it is <3

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  3. Waiting for a new post, Mrs. Lucy :)