Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Now, Voyager

My favorite Bette Davis movie, "Now Voyager" came on Turner Classic Movies, yesterday. I can hear my Momma laughing to herself as she reads this since I have a tendency to claim every Bette Davis movie as my "favorite," but I think this might actually be it, besides "All About Eve" and "The Letter" and "Mrs. Skeffington" okay, so I have problem. But here's the thing: I think I finally figured out what makes these movies so attractive to me. Bette Davis is simply dripping with glamour. And I want it! Unfortunately, glamour seems to be an illusive quality for me.

I seem to have an immortal struggle with the quality that starlets like Bette, Grace, and Gene just seem to intrinsically posses. Grace Kelly oozed so much glamour, she caught the attention (and love, we hope) of an actually Prince, and became a true life Princess.

And then there's me. The girl who got "Doris Day" on the "Which Classic Hollywood Lady are you?" Before any Doris Day fans get riled up, I am not suggesting that Doris doesn't have a certain glamorous quality about her. She has her moments. But if someone had to describe her in one word......cute. I'm really done being cute. Cute is fine, I'd just like to channel a little glamour occasionally.

So, along with the rest of my self-improvements (which have not been going very well in general , but that's another post altogether) I'm putting, "Add more glamour to your life" on the list. Of course, I have really no idea how to go about it.
Any ideas?
P.S. I hope it's obvious, but I in no way approve of the fact Bette is smoking in the first picture

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  1. Oh Lucy! You posted again...hooray! I love to see your thoughts come up on my screen all the way over here. I understand the affinity and desire for glamour, and I'm always the one in the group who makes some gaffe or has a circle of crumbs around the plate when the setting is removed. Aargh. But, my dear, embrace it (the cute factor, I mean). God made you to be you just beautifully. =)