Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Rest in Piece, Pierce

This week, after a brief illness, our cat Pierce, the Momma's boy concerto, passed away. I'm angry and sad, but adjusting. I realize, and always knew, that pets eventually die, but it was still so unexpected. I guess part of me just assumed there would be two cats to terrorize the Christmas tree next year. That there would be two curious faces waiting for us at the door when we brought the first baby home. That I would never have a moment's peace in the ladies' room, because his little mustached face would always be watching me. Now there is no one to steal my pen while I'm trying to do homework. I even threw a wad of notebook paper on the ground for him to play with yesterday, only to recall his absence. Of course, there is always Walker. Our new Momma's boy in this time of tragedy. I still have no peace in the ladies' room, and I still have a hard time doing homework, even if the method is different (Walker simply sits on whatever it is that I'm working on, notebook, laptop, etc.) Yes, we still have one little terror running around, and I am more grateful for him than ever before.

So long little buddy, it was a blast while it lasted. I hope Heaven is full of twisty ties...

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